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A genuine empowerment company in the freight management and logistics sector with staff participation, TWALAGLOBAL CARGO offers globally integrated transportation solutions. You benefit from the services of  Toll Global Forwarding’s international network, and  local management, expertise, comprehensive facilities and leading-edge freight technology. Meeting your requirements for urgency, cost effectiveness and cargo care demands a comprehensive and efficient global freight management network. In addition to excellent physical and information resources, the key ingredient is commitment to the South African market.

Only this commitment gives you the assurance that your needs for proper attention to your goods, correct and complete documentation and cost-effective shipping methods are understood and fulfilled.

The result is a global portfolio of integrated international freight services including collections and deliveries, cargo staging and consolidations, air and surface freight. TWALAGLOBAL CARGO employs the right equipment and facilities for the specific needs of your cargo. Equally as important, their offices are skilled in the documentation needed in South Africa for customs and other authorities.

The group’s focus on South Africa means they have the volumes and leverage to command superior service and ready availability of cargo space from carriers. They are also able to achieve economies of scale.

Through constant communication between ourselves and our partners, we monitor shipment progress as it happens. This lets us advise you in advance of any change in plans. Regular exchanges of visits with our partners maintain personal service levels. In summary, the calibre and capability of this network means you can remain confident about adherence to deadlines and service levels wherever you are sourcing or sending cargo.