TWALAGLOBAL CARGO was established in 2003 as an autonomous enterprise development company. We started life equipped with the latest technology, custom-designed premises, a wealth of experience and the support of powerful international and local partners. TWALAGLOBAL CARGO recruited enthusiastic, career-oriented young South Africans whose enthusiasm is harnessed and channeled by seasoned freight management professionals with over a century of combined experience.


Our mission is to harness our significant resources, know-how and passion to deliver the optimal logistics solutions for our customers.


We want to be:

  • Able to provide an unrivalled set of global supply chain capabilities
  • An integral component of our customers’ success
  • A group of businesses in the Network that are individualy excellent and collectively unbeatable
  • Creating sustainable value


  • Integrity & Trust
  • Safety
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Being open & transparent


With local offices in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, whether you’re dealing with established trading partners or emerging regions we offer consistent excellence through the offices of our global partner Toll Global Forwarding. This fast growing, service-focused partner has a worldwide network of offices, partnerships and alliances in over 40 countries.  All of the TWALAGLOBAL CARGO staff are shareholders in Twala Empowerment (Pty) Ltd, a staff empowerment company which owns 25.1% of TWALAGLOBAL CARGO. This allows them to participate in the success of the company giving them a vested interest in satisfying your requirements.


TwalaGlobal Cargo is a genuine empowerment company operating in the freight management and logistics sector. It offers a full range of integrated transportation solutions globally, thanks to a comprehensive international network and a potent local partner.  The company is owner-managed with the experience, expertise, facilities and backing of Toll Global Forwarding SA. TWALAGLOBAL CARGO is supported in its administration and management but is free to pursue co-operation with other empowerment companies and to make independent business decisions. Toll Global Forwarding is a member of the Toll Group of Companies founded in Australia in 1888 by Albert F Toll. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Toll Global Forwarding has well over 2500 professionals in 65 cities, servicing thousands of clients worldwide.



Now a Level 2 BEE contributor, TWALAGLOBAL CARGO subscribes to the Codes of Good Practice as outlined in Government legislation. Aspects such as  Enterprise Development, Social Responsibility and upliftment programs are high on the company agenda.


What are the benefits of dealing with an Empowerment Company?
Your choice of empowerment partner should bring you access to new business, enhanced motivation, improved commitment and a feeling of contributing to national development.

Better commitment from your service provider
People working in an empowerment company have a greater feeling of personal pride and responsibility. This manifests itself in motivation and a commitment to enhanced levels of service for the customer on the part of our staff.

Improved motivation and working relationships
You may well find that your own staff relate better to working with their counterparts in an empowerment service provider, resulting in closer relationships. An increase in mutual motivation leads to greater efficiencies and overall cost-effective logistics solutions.

When you approach government for business
As government transformation and representivity initiatives accelerate, empowerment credentials are essential for companies targeting national, provincial and municipal business.

Meeting the demands of your corporate customers
When marketing your products to corporate South Africa, you will find that increasingly you are being asked for your empowerment credentials, especially when going to tender. In addition to your own empowerment profile, you may be asked to demonstrate your commitment in terms of the companies to whom you outsource services. In particular, many corporates are giving preference to  those companies which use the services of an empowerment company for their import, export and supply-chain needs.

Your company will be seen to adhere to the guidelines of good corporate governance as articulated in King Report II. Companies are urged to pay heed to the triple bottom line of economic, environmental and social benefits.

In the longer term, growth and social equity created by the empowerment sector will spur general economic growth leading to a more prosperous and stable South Africa.